About Us

We simplify, sustain, and scale service businesses

At Blake Consultants, we believe strongly that life can be so much easier.

We are here to help business owners discover a stress-free approach to their work. We can do this in a number of ways:

For us, the framework of a successful business is simplicity, strong systems and processes, and a sustainable approach to delivery.

We also understand what it’s like to build and grow a business and the impact this can have on the health and lifestyle of business owners. This is why we work hard to help our clients achieve a lifestyle that supports their financial and emotional wellbeing.

How Who we are and what we stand for

I founded Blake Consultants in 2009 having spent over 20 years in the software and banking industries. Alongside my degree in International Business, my experience showed me the importance of rigour in business, but I was also aware of the need to retain some agility.

I love systems and processes (so you don’t have to!) and I truly believe they are the foundation needed to ensure sustainable business growth.

Running my own business has enhanced my understanding of the challenges and risks faced by business owners like you.

I empathise with your frustrations, which is why the solutions I offer are designed to make life simpler. The world is busy and noisy enough without adding unnecessary tasks and effort to our work.

I am always hands-on when I work with business owners, enjoying getting to grips with the nuances of every business I help. My goal is to help you develop and implement systems and processes that help you overcome your challenges and strengthen your business for sustainable growth.

Julia Blake