Is your business built for success?

Is your business built for success?

In the world of business, every twist and turn is an opportunity waiting to be seized. Success lies in being able to hone our spheres of control and turn them into powerhouses of positivity. In any part of life, and business is no different, we have things that we can control and things we can’t. The things we can control, we can plan for, our actions can impact them, and we should therefore be focusing on them. The things we can’t control need to be on our radar, but we may have to accept that nothing we can do will change them.

What is in your sphere of influence?

For most businesses, the key focus areas are cash, clients and consistency. Cash, and of course all aspects of financial management, because it is critical to keeping your business running; Clients because they are the lifeblood of your business, their satisfaction and experience will make or break your future; Consistency covers many things but when we consider how we show up, whether networking, putting out content, winning new business, delivering existing business, speaking to customers and suppliers – all of this must remain consistently high quality if our business is to build a strong and positive reputation. Let’s look at how we can ensure the best focus on these areas.

How a CRM can help with cash flow management

Cash flow is about so much more than just raising invoices and being paid. A business that is on top of its cash situation will:
  • have visibility of their pipeline – knowing what opportunities are on the horizon, what they’re worth, and when they’re likely to land
  • be able to forecast income throughout the delivery period
  • be mindful of client retention and aware of the opportunity to upsell additional services
  • know what amounts are outstanding and overdue and be able to proactively chase these
Using a CRM like Capsule, which integrates with your accounting package, such as Xero, makes all of this quite straightforward. Capsule has the pipeline view which can be configured to match exactly the stages your business goes through to win new clients, and you can see straight away what’s been invoiced and paid (or not!) giving you a quick at-a-glance guide to where your risks might be.

The importance of client experiences

Client satisfaction is critical to the future success of your business. Just as happy clients often mean referrals or repeat business, an unhappy client could create a much more negative ripple effect. Generally, clients have a good experience if you have good visibility of what you are delivering and can replicate the same positive experience every time you work with someone. We’ll talk more about consistency later but it’s worth saying that people like to know where they are and what to expect so creating a seamless plan for delivery – which is made much easier when using CapsuleCRM – means managing expectations and setting standards becomes second nature to you. Using the Projects module of Capsule enables you to plot the delivery of every service you offer, creating an easy repeatable series of actions and client touchpoints.

Consistency is key

CapsuleCRM is like having an extra person on the team – one who is programmed to always deliver the very best experience. You can create a series of tasks which ensure you always remember those ‘glimmer moments’. You know, the ones where you do something amazing that delights your clients? Capture them in your CRM as part of everyday delivery. The beauty of doing this is that every member of your team can then use the same approach. That means every client you work with gets the benefit of just one good idea, or one amazing action because it’s captured in your delivery process forever.   I like to think of a CRM as the framework within which you can run your business. It’s a clone of your best self. You can replicate a fantastic experience, while also having the benefit of easy at-a-glance views of client payments, interactions with your marketing content, and much more if you set it up in a bespoke way that fits the way you run your business. To chat about doing just this, get in touch by clicking here, or call us on 01635 592020, you can also book a Discovery call to have a chat.