Carolyne Wahlen – Client Success Story Revisited

The Original Challenge

We first worked with Carolyne Wahlen at GapHR in 2015 to help her move away from her existing PC-based CRM system and implement Capsule in a way that was designed specifically to support what she needed to achieve.

We streamlined her processes, built them into the CRM to automate them and in doing so, reduced approximately four hours per week of admin time to just 15 minutes. She went on to double the size of her team and grow her turnover by 19% year on year!

Carolyne’s Update

Since then, Carolyne has taken GapHR from strength to strength, assisted by Capsule which she says has enabled her to scale while maintaining consistency and quality of delivery.

  • Her team is now seven people strong, up from two people in 2015
  • Turnover has increased by another 66% since 2019
  • Profit has increased by 295% across the same period as was measured in 2019

“CapsuleCRM makes the progression from sales opportunity to happy client a really easy one”

Because CapsuleCRM enables consistency in all your processes, it’s an excellent tool once your business starts to grow and you have more team members working together. Carolyne explained how useful it was for her remote team. “There’s rarely a day when we are all working the same hours, let alone in the same place, but Capsule provides that missing link. We can pick up where we, or someone else, left off easily and a ball never gets dropped. One of the joys of working with Julia is the fact that she really takes the time to get to know your business. She’s proactive and this adds a unique layer of extra value.”

Carolyn says CapsuleCRM has continued to play a massive role in enabling the growth of GapHR, citing the main benefits as

  • Excellent visibility of her pipeline and the ability to manage enquiries from first call to the time they convert to new business;
  • The ability to create and capture a clear and workable sales process in the CRM, with repeatable steps;
  • Clarity and consistency of delivery due to all team members being able to keep track of next steps using standard tracks in the projects view of Capsule;
  • Delivering consistently high-quality client onboarding, also through tracks, resulting in better customer retention.

Julia’s Says

“Over the interviewing years, we’ve worked with Carolyne on a consultancy basis to ensure she has continued to get the best out of Capsule, which is continually evolving itself. Her business growth has now enabled Carolyne to hand over the day-to-day operations of the business and focus solely on growth. She can do this because Capsule is a safe pair of hands in which to leave her business. Her team is following the format and approach that she designed and which we captured within the workflows of the CRM system.”

How could Blake Consultants help you?

 If you run a small to medium sized business and would like future growth and success, here’s how Blake Consultants can help:

1. Experiencing overwhelm? We will reduce your workload and increase your revenue by making you more efficient;

2. Experiencing high success?  We’ll set up your business to enable you to cope with high levels of delivery and have time to plan and grow;

3. Reached a growth milestone? Our CRM solution will enable you to recruit and maintain consistency of approach;

4. Struggling to convert opportunities? We will help you find the time to nurture your business and segment your activities and messaging;

5. Forward thinker? As a very early start-up who recognises you need a business structure to grow in to, we should be your first stop.

If you’re a coach, consultant or other service-focused business owner, ambitious for growth, contact Julia for an initial free consultation.


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