Carolyne Wahlen’s Story

By working with Blake Consultants, business owners can achieve maximum profits in the most efficient way.

A classic tension experienced by small-to-medium-sized business owners is the need to deliver at the same time as addressing new opportunities. Business development often takes a back seat, and this creates the ‘feast and famine’ cycle.

Blake Consultants use the perfect mix of intuition, experience and data-driven facts to create workflows and automation which drive increased profit, and stop the overwhelming feeling of being disorganised.

The Challenge

In 2015, Carolyne Wahlen from GapHR had been growing increasingly frustrated and concerned that potential clients were slipping through the net as calls weren’t being followed up on.

Her team of three were using considerable admin time on their existing PC-based CRM. They needed something easier to use and cloud-based.

To make her business more efficient, Carolyne wanted a collaborative CRM which could cater for different categories of contacts, making it a Contact Relationship Management system rather than just a CRM used for engaging with potential customers. 

She wanted to build client and supplier relationships by having a system which could prompt the team as well as hold qualitative and quantitative data for each client.

The Approach

Having asked her clients for recommendations, Carolyne had already implemented CapsuleCRM but she realised that she wasn’t using all the functionality and some processes were still taking too long.  Carolyne approached Julia to help her improve the role that CapsuleCRM played within her business.

“Working with Julia is a delight” says Carolyne, “because of her incredible knowledge and business acumen. She freely and proactively shares advice and guidance, all of which has added value to my business.” 

Julia’s approach was to streamline GapHR’s internal processes, which had historically been managed on spreadsheets, and capture them as ‘tracks’ on CapsuleCRM.

She also needed to work closely with Carolyne’s small team to get them comfortable with the new ways of working.

Carolyne’s Story

 “Julia came recommended to me and her expert advice and handholding has really helped embed our new CRM. In fact, by streamlining these processes, four hours of admin time per week has been reduced to 15 minutes. We’re now using the time we’ve saved on our newly-streamlined business development process. I’ve doubled the size of my team and seen an incredible 40% increase in net profit in one year.”

Since GapHR worked with Blake Consultants, it has experienced ongoing net profit growth of 45% year on year, and turnover growth of 19% year on year . Carolyne attributes this success to hard work and having the right systems and processes in place.

Julia’s Solution

“Carolyne’s challenge is not uncommon. Each of us can only hold up to seven tasks in our head at any one time. After that, we feel overwhelmed and things get dropped. In my experience, that’s when smaller businesses just stop growing.”
Julia has been working with business owners and entrepreneurs for nearly ten years. Although every challenge is unique and personal, she finds many common issues and is therefore able to offer empathy, advice and solutions that are tailored individually but which are also proven concepts. “When a business puts a CRM in place, not only does it relieve the owner of holding everything in their head” explains Julia, “but it lifts that data and brings it to life. I think of a CRM as a 3-D Rubik’s Cube: you can twist and turn your data and look at business issues in many different ways. “CapsuleCRM encourages business owners to follow a ‘track’ whenever they deal with a customer. By doing that, they automatically give everyone the same excellent service but their mind is free to work on other things. If a small to medium-sized business is going to scale, it needs the robustness that a CRM offers. My customers benefit from increased thinking time, increased net profit and in some cases decreased costs, because processes are always more efficient if they are repeatable.”
“A good CRM is like a clone of yourself.  It’s an extension to your memory and an opportunity to scale yourself.”
Julia Blake

How could Blake Consultants help you?

 If you run a small to medium sized business and would like future growth and success, here’s how Blake Consultants can help:

1. Experiencing overwhelm? We will reduce your workload and increase your revenue by making you more efficient;

2. Experiencing high success?  We’ll set up your business to enable you to cope with high levels of delivery and have time to plan and grow;

3. Reached a growth milestone? Our CRM solution will enable you to recruit and maintain consistency of approach;

4. Struggling to convert opportunities? We will help you find the time to nurture your business and segment your activities and messaging;

5. Forward thinker? As a very early start-up who recognises you need a business structure to grow in to, we should be your first stop.

If you’re a coach, consultant or other service-focused business owner, ambitious for growth, contact Julia for an initial free consultation.


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