Client Talk

I work with, and have helped, some really lovely clients, here’s what some of them say about me. You can find more recommendations on my LinkedIn profile, please pop over, have a look and say hi…

“Julia is a magician!! I've never really understood having a sales process until I worked with her. Yes I knew what one was and in theory had one but I didn't really understand how to use it practical. In just an hour Julia too me from confused to having a process that I now use to track my sales opportunities. Talk about a power hour!!“

Victoria Wright, PhD, Founder The Living Herb
Functional Medicine Doctor and Consultant Medical Herbalist

“Julia has been fantastic, she has listened to everything in need to fully optimise my business processes and created a truly useful tool that will benefit my business for years to come. Fabulous investment and great person to work with, I would thoroughly recommend.”

Rachel Edwards, Managing Director Lionize Media
Establishing your social media presence in the digital world.

“Julia has created me a very unique and bespoke CRM system that’s perfect for my business. Working with her has been an absolute pleasure, I would recommend her to everyone.”

Julie Mullins, Founder & Owner - Your Happy Horse

“Julia combines technical expertise with a brilliant, positive and proactive ‘can do’ attitude. She has be integral in the growth of my business over the last two years. Before she joined us we were rather old fashioned in how we managed our client base, and thanks to Julia we do so now at the touch of a screen.“

Mark Francis, Head of Learning - The Uspire Group
Energising people to transform business

“CapsuleCRM was by far the best CRM I researched, it gave me everything I needed that was lacking in my existing CRM – and I researched a lot of CRMs! I particularly liked that I could categorise my contacts, keep on top of my client and supplier relationships, manage my pipeline and keep on top of my client work – all in one package”.

Carolyne Wahlen, GapHR
Employment law expert for private member golf clubs in the UK-keeping them 100% tribunal free.

“Julia is very quick at working our what is needed during a briefing session, and judges the people to consult and bounce ideas off well. She has a good balance of analysis and creativity, and a thoroughness which was perfect for the role we employed her for. Julia was a strong team player and provided vital support during the team’s development.”

Andrew Roberts, General Manager, Total Recall (UK) Ltd (now at Blue Tortoise)

“I’ve been working with the amazing Julia Blake who was instrumental in setting up my CRM system which kick in during April and May 2015 and resulted in a full diary in June – my marketing is now much slicker thanks to Julia, and I’m getting the results too! If you haven't met Julia yet, you definitely should!”

Victoria Lochhead, Owner and Personal Image Consultant & Stylist – Frankie & Ruby

“I’ve been working with the amazing Julia Blake who was instrumental in setting up my CRM system which kick in during April and May 2015 and resulted in a full diary in June – my marketing is now much slicker thanks to Julia, and I’m getting the results too! If you haven't met Julia yet, you definitely should!”

Victoria Lochhead, Owner and Personal Image Consultant & Stylist – Frankie & Ruby

“The practice has grown in recent years, we have more team members and increasing work output. We desperately needed a system to consolidate our contacts, to manage our pipeline and to help us with our marketing. Ultimately I want to spend my time on the Architecture so the system has to be time effective and intuitive. Julia has taken the time to really understand our business identity and process and has built a system in capsule that does all of the above and more. We now have all of our contacts consolidated in one place. The pipeline system is extremely intuitive, with great visual graphics and I am using it at all times to consistently chart and nurture leads. It does the thinking for me with automated processes and prompts, leaving me with head space for Grand designs! We’re now looking at developing the marketing potential which is exciting. We have converted more work in January than ever before and I have no doubt that the system has played a part. A sound investment and I would highly recommend Julia who executed everything with the utmost professionalism and efficiency. Every small business needs this!”

Kate Cooper, Architect and Founder Absolute Architecture
Julia has recently developed a bespoke CRM system for Absolute Architecture.

“I was at a point when I really needed some form of CRM system. I’d tried Hubspot, but I knew there were likely to be high costs as I grew my business. I tried Pipe drive, but that only looked after my pipeline and I needed more than that. Then Julia recommended Capsule. Well that was a revelation. Low cost (free if you don’t have too much data) and it links in with all my apps, Quickbooks & Mailchimp, at no extra cost. Julia took the time to understand my business and set the system up so that I would use the it. She’s invested in making sure you use it, so will tweak things to make sure it fits your business exactly. She also showed me how I can populate the data with the least amount of effort (just a bcc in an email). Not only do I have my customer database in one place at last, I also have the Pipeline set up for new business coming in. And automatic tracking to remind me to do things. I would definitely recommend Julia & Capsule. Both are brilliant, so much so that I have already recommended to a client of mine.”

Sophie Davies, Founder - Your Marketing Department
Marketing Director putting you in control of your marketing so you can minimise spend and increase return on investment

“I can’t thank Julia enough for her support in setting up my Capsule CRM. She knows the system inside and out as well as bringing her expertise on Contact Relationship Management. Patient, clear and full of great hints and tips, Julia helped me correct where I had gone wrong as well as put me on the right track with mailchimp and outlook integration. In very little time (4 x 1 hourly slots), Julia has helped me get the foundations into place for what will be a much more efficient way of working and I’m sure, more business! Not forgetting that Julia is a pleasure to work with and has a great sense of humour to go with that patience! I wholeheartedly recommend Julia to anyone who wants to quickly and effectively get their Capsule CRM system working for them. I will be, no doubt, asking her to help me further on those aspects I didn’t need to use just yet. Brilliant help, and thank you so much! 10/10 recommendation!“

Andy Chiltern, Velresco Group Ltd - Director and Head of Business Development
Helping Organisations free up operational capacity for improved productivity and transformation with unique digital solutions

“When I started working with Julia, the business was already fairly well organised however, she has helped to take it to another level. I needed a more reliable, robust systems and Julia built a bespoke CRM system for us. The Sales Pipeline element of the system is invaluable in keeping on top of enquiries and sales leads as well as making my workflow more efficient. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Julia – she is professional and has a fantastic ‘can do’ attitude. With her expertise and support, we’ve been able to successfully grow the business and now have a system where we have a real data at my fingers tips to enables us to really understand and develop the business day by day and into the future. I cannot recommend Julia highly enough – her knowledge around CRMs and processes are second to none! “

Joe Francis, Innovations Director - Gardens for Good

“Julia is just absolutely amazing! She’s a systems whiz and has helped me streamline my processes and my CRM so much that it is having a huge growth impact on my business because I can track my pipeline and sales. She’s got a wonderful calm and friendly demeanour and she puts you right at ease and knows exactly how to get your processes in order. I can’t recommend her enough. Through her 121 consultations, I have seen the value she brings to businesses and you would be crazy not to utilise this incredible woman! “

Amna Hasan, Founder and Chief Storyteller Write It Up
Working with consultants, advisors and industry leaders to create unique and engaging content to establish and maintain your personal brand presence

“Julia has been instrumental in organizing and systemizing my whole new business, freeing up so much time. Initially creating my CRM, which is is daily use and my go to to keep me on schedule, followed by the Business Mastery Course. Completely authentic and honest with me always as she guided me through ‘owning’ my business and helping me fulfill my ambitions for my business and therefore within my personal life by freeing up time. I highly recommend Julia to all new businesses (and those that are time poor), as her vast knowledge will glide you through any potential stumbling blocks.”

Heide Cussell, Creator of Resolution Harmony

“Julia has been helping me grow my coaching business for over 2 years now and working with her has been one of my very best business decisions – it’s like having a monthly check-in with my own personal business coach! Julia is great at helping you step back from the day-to-day detail of running your own business and encouraging you to look at it with a fresh and critical eye. Working with Julia in a systemic way like this really helps me to identify and crystallise key action points needed to keep my business moving forward successfully (which it is!). Thanks Julia!“

Wendy Wilson, Director - Wendy Wilson Consulting

“After nearly 15 years (!) in business I decided it was time to get on top of my processes and, in particular, my CRM system. Julia came highly recommended and I wasn’t disappointed. She helped talk me through using Capsule – ensuring that the product I had was bespoke to my needs, my organisation and my clients. Everything was clear, concise and completed with me in mind and one eye on the future and what I will need as my business evolves. I would highly recommend working with Julia on any Capsule-related projects. “

Laura Kean, Kean Learning and Development Ltd
Working with organisations to create bespoke learning and development events that make a real difference.

“Julia made sense of the mythical world of CRM for me with two of my businesses. She has worked with both CapsuleCRM and SharpSpring for us and in both projects made the potentially laborious process of collecting, cleaning, sorting and preparing contacts for marketing campaigns easy and painless for me ( no mean feat!) She is positive, calm and instils a genuine excitement in the value of nurturing your business contacts. The amazing fact is that in all three of the projects, new business arose within 2 weeks! No coincidence! “

Amanda Downs, Director of Commercial Leadership - The Uspire Group
Empowering Leaders to Grow People. Energising Clients to Grow Sales.

“So I used to train a multitude of CRM systems for a living. It burnt me the hell out. But I truly love what CRM can do. All those things you need to remember to do in your head you can unload. Julia Blake has helped me get over myself and got me into the adorable CapsuleCRM. It’s simple but powerful. I am one week in and it’s just streamlined the hell out of my head full of noise. I love you Julia. If you start your morning not sure what you should work on, chat to her and you’ll see how transformative it is. You know, maybe I will become this serene chillaxed chick after all.”

Theresa Mary Anne Smith, E-Learning Consultant

“Dear Julia, I wanted to say a big thank you for your help in creating a bespoke CRM for our business. It has truly revolutionised our office and how efficiently we all work together and communicate with our customers and contacts. Thank you for supporting us fully through the transition, calmly and patiently answering all our queries and concerns and helping us integrate the system seamlessly into our day-to-day processes and routines. It is a fantastic system and we are excited to see how it can help us with our future marketing campaigns to help our business grow further and we look forward to working with you again!”

Cathy Cornish, Wild to Wonderful Garden Design