Data Breaches are commonplace and the loss of personal details are a real cost

Data Breach

When data breaches are commonplace and the loss of personal details is a real cost if used erroneously, knowing that you’ve spent time reinforcing your data protection processes and privacy policies is critical. There’s also an important client satisfaction element in being able to advertise that you are aware of the data safeguarding need.

We helped our client to discover the importance of conducting comprehensive data protection reviews to safeguard sensitive information, ensure GDPR compliance, and secure customer trust.

The Challenge

Our client contacted us after experiencing a data breach. An employee had clicked on an innocuous-looking link in an email which resulted in the spread of ransomware through the company’s systems.

Although their IT department was able to reverse the damage, the experience alerted our client to substantial gaps in their data protection setup.

The Approach

From developing internal data protection policies to addressing GDPR requirements such as the need for a Data Protection Officer, our service aims to equip small and medium-sized businesses with the necessary tools and documentation to safeguard their information effectively and ethically.

We decided that our Data Protection Review and Document Briefcase service would cover everything our client needed and, while the risk of breaches can never be eliminated, they can be mitigated through having the right processes, staff training and general awareness at your fingertips.

Our Client’s Story

Our client experienced a wake-up call: a frightening reminder of how fragile our operations are when we work in a digital environment.

They needed a fresh perspective on their relationship with data, from the way they stored and accessed it to how they dealt with client outreach, confidentiality and governance.

In their opinion, “understanding and navigating the mandatory requirements of data protection laws, such as GDPR, can be overwhelming. But, we don’t want our reputation damaged by taking the wrong approach to our data.”

As a result of working with us, our client has solved several issues:

  • They have peace of mind that their data is correctly handled both from a legal and an ethical perspective
  • They are able to ensure a consistent approach across the business as a result of the clear policies we have helped them to implement
  • They have a comprehensive Document Briefcase, containing everything from their privacy policy to procedures if businesses are large enough to need them

There’s another important element to providing these data protection services. We strive to communicate with our clients in plain English and not to act as the ‘data police’. We’re here to listen, advise and help implement what’s needed, hopefully removing the expected bureaucracy and instead making meaningful changes.

Blake Consultants’ Solutions

We undertook a comprehensive data protection review, which meant a meticulous examination of our client’s data handling practices, aimed at identifying where data resides and how it is utilised, shared, and stored.

This led to a thorough assessment of their processes, revealing how data flowed within the organisation.

We created an internal data protection policy which demonstrated our client’s renewed commitment to data protection and privacy and provided clear guidelines for both employees and management.

Our data protection reviews cover every stage of the business, from initial outreach to storage and use of data during the operational phase and disposal of data when contracts cease.

Importantly, this is just one use-case scenario – we can also help with scenarios which range from those preparing to sell their businesses, where they can ensure that they are ready for the due diligence process, to those who need to know how to deal with a data access request.

“Our data handling and protection is now something we can be proud of and see as a differentiator, rather than being scared of what might happen if something went wrong.” Our Client

“Our data protection reviews cover every stage of the business, from initial outreach to storage and use of data during the operational phase and disposal of data when the contract ceases.” Julia Blake

Do contact us if you have any questions about this fee or about your Data Protection compliance in general.  You may also be interested in this blog:

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