Helen Steel’s Story

The key to long-term business success is the ability to not only win new clients but retain existing ones for longer. For business owners in the coaching or consulting industry, for example, this means continually thinking about how to increase the conversion speed for new leads while extracting more value from your relationship with existing customers.

Blake Consultants worked with Helen Steel, founder of Streamlion Consulting, to create an improved pipeline management solution for her funding and consultancy business.

The Challenge

Streamlion Consulting offers funding solutions for start-ups and scale-ups as well as providing consultancy on the best way to grow a successful business. With many clients and prospects at different stages of their journey, Streamlion Founder, Helen, knew she needed a fail safe process to ensure she could capture each relationship and instantly know what her next action should be.

“I know that it’s always easier to nurture existing customers than to find new ones” says Helen, “and, for me, this is all about the customer experience being excellent throughout the business relationship. I didn’t have the ability to easily follow up enquiries, leads or existing deals because I was doing everything manually.”

The Approach

By working with Blake Consultants, Helen was not only guaranteed a high-quality solution in CapsuleCRM, but Julia’s extensive knowledge of the product meant it would also be highly bespoke to her needs.

The pipeline functionality within CapsuleCRM is comprehensive. It shows the full pipeline activity in one screen and is an intuitive and dynamic interface.  Helen describes this as critical for tracking opportunities as her pipeline, like anyone’s, will move and flex as time passes.

Helen’s Story

“I’m all about planning and being organised” explains Helen, “I like to know what my financial year end is looking like, what opportunities I have in the pipeline and their likely close date as well as what I need to do to close them successfully. It was so refreshing to work with Julia; she was super professional from the outset and her knowledge of both Capsule and business in general meant she designed the very best solution for Streamlion.”

Helen goes on to list an impressive set of benefits, gained since implementing the CRM:

  • Deals are now closing 25% faster than before
  • Leads are converting 50% faster than before
  • More leads are being converted due to Helen’s ability to track every interaction

“Using Capsule has enabled me to utilise saved time to work on, not in, my business” enthuses Helen. “It has provided me with an excellent way of keeping track of both qualitative and quantitative data, with full tracking of each and every opportunity that comes in. It is a very detailed system and Julia ensured the migration was seamless and methodical.

Julia’s Solution

With her wide-ranging experience of businesses, Julia knew that Helen would benefit from Capsule’s pipeline functionality immediately. But, to add extra value for her client, she was able to customise reports and ensure the functionality was tweaked to be perfect for Streamlion. “It’s great to see Helen using Capsule’s pipeline functionality to its full potential” says Julia, “planning is so critical for small to medium sized businesses and the time saving that Helen refers to is exactly what I aim to drive out for every business owner. Success comes from having the right processes and systems in place and that’s what Blake Consultants is here for: to help business owners accelerate their growth by developing systems and processes that overcome challenges and maximise their opportunities.”
Using Capsule to track my pipeline is really simple. Every interaction appears under my contacts’ name and there are no clogged email inboxes. Just a clear view of everything that is happening.
Helen Steel
My advice to business owners is to implement a system that’s proven to support your pipeline in an efficient way. According to Vorsight.com, only 3% of your market is actively buying. A further 56% are not ready and another 40% are almost ready.
Julia Blake

How could Blake Consultants help you?

 If you run a small to medium sized business and would like future growth and success, here’s how Blake Consultants can help:

1. Experiencing overwhelm? We will reduce your workload and increase your revenue by making you more efficient;

2. Experiencing high success?  We’ll set up your business to enable you to cope with high levels of delivery and have time to plan and grow;

3. Reached a growth milestone? Our CRM solution will enable you to recruit and maintain consistency of approach;

4. Struggling to convert opportunities? We will help you find the time to nurture your business and segment your activities and messaging;

5. Forward thinker? As a very early start-up who recognises you need a business structure to grow in to, we should be your first stop.

If you’re a coach, consultant or other service-focused business owner, ambitious for growth, contact Julia for an initial free consultation.


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