Ally Ilott – Client Success Story Revisited

The Original Challenge

When we first worked with Ally Ilott from will writing firm Heritage Estate Planning, she was using spreadsheets to manage her growing business. Her main challenges, perhaps unsurprisingly, were tasks, including prospective clients, falling between the cracks.

We designed and implemented a bespoke Capsule CRM solution and, this week, we revisited Ally and her team to find out how the last year has been different in her business because of her fit-for-purpose system.

Ally’s Update

“Things are so different now because we simply have visibility of the whole business through Capsule” enthuses Ally. “We use it for our entire business – from the first time we receive a lead from an introducer through the entire pipeline and client journey and we even cover follow ups and reviews with it. It prompts us for everything and, quite frankly, I don’t know what I’d do if it wasn’t here.”

Heritage Estate Planning grew its turnover by approximately £70k during the past year which Ally says, “was a great year.” She says Capsule undoubtedly played a huge role in that growth.

“We’ve undoubtedly saved time because the whole team can see every client’s current position immediately, so we can all pick up accounts if there’s a call or enquiry. We put absolutely everything on to Capsule, from notes and call records to emails. The email functionality has really ramped up recently and we love it. In fact, one thing Capsule does well is to continue making improvements. So, we’re evolving with it and we’ve also had some extra sessions with Julia to make sure we’re getting everything we can from the system” explains Ally.

“Capsule IS the business”

One of the measures Ally focuses on is client reviews and she has a goal to reach 50 5-star google reviews. She’s currently at 17, and she is convinced this is down to the level of consistently good service she can provide to her clients because of CapsuleCRM. “I feel so much more organised,” she continues, “because Capsule helps us to deliver a truly great customer experience. It’s part of the fabric of our business now – interwoven in every activity and stage of our processes and highly intuitive to use. In fact, Capsule IS the business.”

Julia’s Says

“Capsule have been good at adding new functionality and integrations over the past year. The system is even more collaborative than it was, with emails now able to be generated from within the CRM and saved to individual cases or opportunities. It gives top class traceability to every interaction you have with all connections, whether they are prospects, customers or suppliers. It’s been a delight to watch Ally’s business grow and to continue advising the Heritage Estate Planning team.”

How could Blake Consultants help you?

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