How to overcome a lack of time by using a CRM in your growing business

Time – or rather the lack of it – is a universal problem for small business owners.

There are many time management hacks, and no doubt you’ve tried them all. Some work for some of the time but the real solution lies in the way you run your business.

Setting up fundamental processes to ensure you are working as smartly as possible, and using tools to help you really make the most of your time and prioritise the right tasks, goes further than the admin hacks you’ve probably tried and lost faith in.

Let’s face it, what we really want to achieve is to unlock growth potential and efficiency, streamline our operations, boost productivity, and enable the delivery of a consistently high-quality service.

Now, you might be looking over your shoulder to see where the fairy godmother is, but we have a far more credible solution: Capsule CRM.

Share the load

Capsule is the trustiest of sidekicks, helping you navigate the challenges of managing a growing business. It can help you document processes, automate routine tasks, and even remind you to take well-deserved breaks, all while empowering you to reclaim your time and focus on what truly matters for your business success.

You may be at the stage where growth has started, and your business needs more hands on deck. This is another prime opportunity to implement a CRM which will start carrying the weight of some of the regular, repeatable tasks before you have to invest time in a recruitment process, as well as onboarding, training, delegating and empowering a new employee.

When the time is right to add to your team, they can also use Capsule, which immediately simplifies the onboarding process because you will have captured the way you run your business to ensure a consistent approach.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Often, as business owners, we wear many hats and we hold a lot of information in our own head.

As your business grows, this becomes increasingly difficult to handle and can contribute to the feeling of drowning in your to-do list.

Capsule CRM can capture all this information and then remind you about everything from emails that need sending to proposals which need following up on. It stops you getting distracted or dragged down rabbit holes when you’re running your business – both common issues that reduce productivity. Instead, you can use your time wisely, even achieving more than you set out to, with minimal effort.

Overwhelm comes from simply having too many things in your head or on your to-do list. Capsule enables you to do something called ‘task batching’: a time management technique where you group similar tasks and tackle them in one focused time period. Because you can categorise tasks and plan your workflow, this becomes easier to action and you can reduce context switching and increase productivity.

The best news is that using Capsule captures the best version of you – you set it up to deliver things the way you want, with even the small customer experience touches being recorded and repeated.

This solves another common problem for small businesses owners: the fear of losing the quality and personal touch that your customers love.

Because your CRM enables you to centralise customer information, project timelines, and communication logs, it ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.

This frees you up to focus on the strategic thinking, the business development or your next big project, while Capsule gets on with the everyday automated workflows, routine follow-ups and scheduling.

Your CRM grows with you

Capsule CRM is perfectly equipped to grow with your business. As small businesses scale, the need for a system that can adapt and manage increased complexity becomes critical. But there’s no need to look for something bigger as Capsule’s capability to scale, while still streamlining your contact relationship management, means you’ll swap complexity for consistency.

As your business grows, information is not siloed but shared efficiently among team members, enhancing collaboration, productivity, and customer engagement in your expanding business.

Of course, this level of visibility also means it becomes easier to prioritise and delegate tasks. Your whole team can see who’s responsible for what and you can remain focused on high-value activities that drive business growth.

Effective time management is the cornerstone of a productive business, and as such, it needs to start at the fundamental level – with your systems and processes. An efficient and effective CRM system such as Capsule is a powerful ally to achieving this.

Growth doesn’t have to mean chaos. With Capsule CRM, you can maintain control, visibility, and efficiency, no matter the size of your team. Now is the time to leave behind outdated processes and embrace a smarter way of doing business. Your future self will thank you.


At Blake Consultants, we use Capsule CRM to create a bespoke system that fits your specific needs, enhancing efficiency and providing a seamless user experience. From migrating data to ongoing support, we’ve got you covered. Our meticulous attention to detail, professional yet friendly approach, and expertise set us apart. Whether you’re implementing a CRM system, refining processes, or managing data, we’re with you every step of the way, and offer flexible bundles for consultancy hours to ensure you get the continued support you need.

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