Louise Worsley – Client Success Story

Whatever stage you are at in your business growth, a CRM can and will make a difference. 

Our latest case study looks at Louise Worsley’s business – Worsley Training – and how our bespoke Capsule solution helped her formalise her business processes. 

The Challenge

Having taught first aid for 6 years as a freelancer, Louise created Worsley Training around 10 years ago, initially to teach paediatric courses to the large market of local, fellow new parents around her in south west London. 

When the family moved to Wiltshire 4 years ago, Louise needed to build a new client base. So, it was a good time to formalise her business with a new website, clearly defined offerings, and a shift in her target market to focus on schools and small businesses, rather than solely parents.

3 years later the business was thriving and Louise was outgrowing her multiple spreadsheets, which were no longer sophisticated enough for what she wanted to achieve.  So, it was the sensible time to invest in a CRM. 

The Approach

Julia’s professional and friendly-yet-direct way of working suited Louise down to the ground. Louise needed someone who could methodically draw the processes out of her own head and get them captured in a system. 

Worsley Training attracts a high volume of low value transactions which means there’s a lot of data. In addition to this, many of her courses are accredited. This means that certificates expire after 3 years, so Louise needed a system which made it easy to track and contact the participants inviting them to refresh their accreditation before it expired.

Louise’s Story

“I’ve always worked on my own, with a little outsourcing” explains Louise, “and as a result my head was bursting with information and data. I knew that, to make the most of the business, I needed to get a proper system, especially to recall clients who might need to renew their certificates.”

Louise was experiencing a common challenge faced by many small business owners: she couldn’t be sure she wasn’t forgetting something. We are never able to bring the very best version of ourselves to our office, day in and day out, and Capsule gives us the benefit of recording the way we work when we are on top form. It frees up our mind, and our schedule and enables us to run our business consistently and much more effectively.

“Julia was a pleasure to work with because she was thorough, honest and friendly with excellent attention to detail.” says Louise. “She would tell me if I asked for something she’d not come across before and then she’d research and come back with the perfect solution. She’s excellent at providing support during and after the build of the CRM, which is important because it means I’m now using it properly and getting the best out of it.”

As a result of working with Julia, Louise has already seen some tangible benefits:

  • When Louise is teaching, as she often is, she can forget all the back-office details as they are held securely in Capsule. This results in better focus and a calmer delivery
  • Louise now has a repeatable process for reminding past clients that their certificates are due to expire. She can therefore maximise opportunities for repeat business
  • Louise has more time available to carry out business development work, hence she can invest in the future growth of her business as well as delivering to current clients

Julia Says

 “Removing the stress of being the only source of information in your organisation is so important for business owners. Even though Louise has only been actively using Capsule for a few months, she’s already benefiting from it and that’s what I love about this CRM”, says Julia. “It makes a genuine difference straight away.”

Julia created a fully bespoke version of Capsule for Worsley Training, as she does for all her clients. She suggested using Cases and Tracks for regular tasks that are needed at certain points in the client relationship: for example, 4 weeks prior to training, 2 weeks prior to training and a few days before the course runs.

This enabled Louise to log in, work through these prompts and then turn to her ‘long term task list’ which she uses to advance the more strategic growth in the business.

Julia really wanted to understand my business before she did any work with Capsule. I felt like I was a blank canvas – she never compared me or matched me with anyone else. This is a system truly for me and my business. And it works.” 

Louise Worsley

Capsule is so good at removing stress, improving work-life balance, and enabling business owners to focus on truly scaling up their business. It’s also intuitive to use so my clients often see benefits quickly.” 

Julia Blake

How could Blake Consultants help you?

 If you run a small to medium sized business and would like future growth and success, here’s how Blake Consultants can help:

1. Experiencing overwhelm? We will reduce your workload and increase your revenue by making you more efficient;

2. Experiencing high success?  We’ll set up your business to enable you to cope with high levels of delivery and have time to plan and grow;

3. Reached a growth milestone? Our CRM solution will enable you to recruit and maintain consistency of approach;

4. Struggling to convert opportunities? We will help you find the time to nurture your business and segment your activities and messaging;

5. Forward thinker? As a very early start-up who recognises you need a business structure to grow in to, we should be your first stop.

If you’re a coach, consultant or other service-focused business owner, ambitious for growth, contact Julia for an initial free consultation.


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