Our Services

CRM System Design and Implementation

A well-designed Contact Relationship Management (CRM) system is the backbone of your business. It standardises, enhances and tracks the progression of every business relationship you have, from customers to suppliers, associates and partners.

To implement your bespoke CRM, we get under the skin of your business, really working through the detail, to fully understand how you work and what the touch points are between you and your various stakeholders.

Then, using CapsuleCRM, we design a CRM that fits exactly what you need. We get everything branded, set up and ready to use, as well as training you and your team on how to get the best out of the system that will become an additional pair of hands without using up desk space.

We can also work with you to migrate your data from any legacy systems (including spreadsheets!) and you can book our consultants at any time to help you refine and improve, or add to, the system as it grows with your business.


We provide ad-hoc consultancy on a call-off basis for any of your systems or process projects.

Our specialisms include

Data Management

We are experts in GDPR compliance and can also advise on your data fitness and data protection best practice.

Data is critical to effective decision making and by helping you understand what data you have and how you need to store, treat and protect it, we can help you stay on the right side of compliance and are protected from fraud.

We are also experts on related topics, such as Privacy Policies, Data Protection Fees, data sourcing and more.

How we work

Our existing clients often talk about our attention to detail, professional yet friendly approach and our expertise. But what would it be like if you worked with us? Here are some frequently asked questions designed to show you the approach we take from the moment we identify a need, to the moment we wave you off on your next growth journey.

You can also book a discovery directly using our online diary link.

Once we’ve identified your needs, and the initial paperwork is done, we’ll set a date for the ‘kick off’ meeting. This is when we look at the detail of your business, understand what’s going well, what needs improving, where your bottlenecks are and what your data is looking like.

We keep kick off meetings to one hour, we find that that’s usually the right amount of time for everyone involved. We then discuss the next stages and get the dates in the diary to keep the momentum going.

When I look back, I realise that if we hadn’t implemented [our CRM] when we did, there is no way I’d be running the business I do. I simply couldn’t have done this without Julia and Capsule.