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Consultancy Services

Our Consultancy Services can be used in support of our CRM Design and Implementation or for other ad-hoc projects.

At Blake Consultants, we work with service-based business owners who either want to scale their business in a sustainable way or who want to ensure they have a robust business at the size it is.

Either way, you need the right foundations in place.

Growing a business is different to building a business that can scale effectively. Scalability means there is strength and sustainability in the growth and systems and processes are at the heart of this framework.

Our consultancy services can be accessed on an as-needed basis. We cover several areas as standard:

However, we always approach every client relationship in a bespoke way. No two businesses are alike and therefore our solutions are flexed accordingly. Our consultancy service can be used to identify what is missing or what is needed to simplify, sustain, and scale your business.

How we work with you

Our consultancy hours are available in various bundles and can be used on an as-required basis. You purchase a bundle and then advise us of how you want to draw down the hours.

Sessions are delivered online, usually on Zoom or Teams, and we can address continued support for existing projects or plan new ones.

We like to think of it as giving you the gift of time. Once we’ve done the initial work with you, your business will continue to benefit as you move forward with simplified processes, systems that strengthen your foundations and a sustainable plan for future scaling.

Julia’s input enabled us to scale our onboarding effectively.

Tracey Miller, BBB

If this sounds like the extra help you need in your business, get in touch now for a no obligation discovery call

Popular projects where you can use consultancy hours are:

Adding functionality to your CRM

If you started out with a simple, yet effective version of CapsuleCRM, we can work with you to expand this. Because Capsule grows as your business does, we often find clients are ready for the next level of functionality after a few months.
You might want to implement Pipeline, Capsule’s highly visual and informative way of looking at your upcoming business opportunities.

We may have started by migrating your contact data into the system and now want to add Projects, where you can track the way you deliver your business and always be reminded of the next action.

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer retention and upselling is a critical part of business growth as it is 5 times cheaper to retain a client than to find a new one.

We work with you to understand which of your clients you really like working with and why? Understanding what works well in your business is a great way to generate opportunities with other clients.

For example, are there add-ons that you provide for some clients that others might benefit from? Each client could be a candidate for all your services so it’s a good investment of your time to map what they are and aren’t receiving and see where the gaps are. We use the concept of a ’product staircase’ to help visualise the next steps people need to take for you to continue adding value.

Organising your data

Often, it’s not until we start trying to work with our data that we realise what sort of condition it is in.

As you try to migrate data from a legacy system (or even spreadsheets) into your new CRM, you may uncover the need to spring clean it. We have lots of experience in doing this and can offer advice on the best way to go about it.

Designing processes

We love working on processes (so you don’t have to!) and we are always happy to hold your hand to ensure you can implement efficient and effective ways of working.

We run sessions which facilitate discussions and brainstorming, either online or in person.

We understand what your business needs from processes and can advise on the best way to ensure you always deliver your very best standards to every client.

If you are putting time and energy into your business but not seeing the right results, we can help. Get in touch to book an initial discovery call.