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CRM System Design and Implementation

At Blake Consultants, we believe a well-designed CRM System is the backbone of your business.

We always refer to CRMs as ‘contact’ relationship management systems – this is an importance differentiator for us as it shows they really can be used across the length and breadth of your business. They do so much more than just manage interactions with clients.

A well-designed CRM system will:

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What can CapsuleCRM offer your business?

CapsuleCRM is split into three main areas: the Databank, Projects and Pipeline.

We have expertise in designing and implementing bespoke versions of each area and can do this one module at a time or in one go so you set out with full functionality. Be warned – this will transform your business!


This is the heart of the contact management system and consists of information relating to all your connections: clients, suppliers, partners, referrers, employees, and more.

We work with you to understand where this data currently sits. Usually, it is in spreadsheets, on other systems which you feel you have outgrown, or on a marketing platform, such as Mailchimp. You can still use the source data as Capsule will integrate with Mailchimp and many other apps, but we will ensure the ‘master’ version of the data is in Capsule.

Once we understand where your data is, we need to check it is valid and up to date. It always feels daunting, but it is an excellent opportunity to cleanse your data before importing it to Capsule. You then know you have a high-quality list of connections, ready to put to good use within your business.

When you’re happy with the quality of your data, we will migrate it to Capsule. At this stage we can also add tags and build information fields you may not previously have had. For example, you might want to start collecting the birthdays of your contacts so you can send them good wishes. It’s a small thing but can make a real difference to the experience people have of doing business with you.


Capsule’s pipeline is where you track business opportunities, from the very first touch point until they are won and become a project.

Every conversation, lead, or enquiry – or even slight hunch – can be recorded here and tracked

We help you set up Tracks in this part of Capsule too, so you can ensure you are always nurturing your prospects and moving them closer to a decision.

Keeping track of your prospects in this way means you never let an opportunity slip through the net.

We’ll help you to capture the journey from enquiry to close using the best approach, automating the steps that are repetitive for all opportunities and therefore creating the chance for other team members to follow the exact process you know works well.

There are also reports available to show you the percentage of opportunities that close successfully and help you to identify any weaknesses in your process.


The Projects area within CapsuleCRM is where you track your activity and actions. It’s here that your CRM will do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to automating your approach and ensuring consistency.

We work with you to understand the processes you use when delivering projects and build these into Capsule so that they can be copied time and time again, ensuring consistently high standards and meaning you can free up headspace for other things!

We build Tracks for you, which capture the steps you take to deliver your business and, in fact, anything else you do on a regular basis. The beauty of a flexible and bespoke CRM system is that it can be whatever you need it to be. You could set up a track for monthly invoicing, for admin and even to remind you of your goals and commitments.

It’s the Projects area of Capsule that demonstrates why this CRM is so much more than a marketing tool.

How we work with you

There are several elements to the CRM systems we design and build. Initially, we will conduct some fact finding to understand your business challenges, growth aspirations and from this will come the scope of the project.

Elements that can be included are:

We’ll show you a demo of Capsule CRM, our preferred platform, and explain how it will simplify and strengthen your business, enabling you to build something sustainable and ready to scale.

Once we’ve agreed terms, we’ll look in detail at your business model and contacts and what you need your CRM to deliver.

From there, we can design the elements you’ve chosen, ensuring everything from the branding you see to the processes we build reflect your business exactly.

We have calls with you throughout our project process to ensure you can provide feedback and keep track of progress. As the system develops, we will provide online training for you and your team, which we record so you have it to refer to or use for future new starters.

If you feel that your business is lacking the clarity and organisation it needs to scale effectively, get in touch.