Simplify, sustain and scale: three essentials for successful business growth

We love helping all businesses to get more organised but if you are planning to scale up, it becomes critical to be in control of your systems and processes. Here are our thoughts on the common challenges and how to overcome them.

As you grow your service-based business, you’ll encounter new challenges. One of the most common, probably experienced by almost every business owner, is the challenge of time.

There’s just never enough.

Partly, that is driven by other challenges, such as a lack of resource or inadequate systems and processes. But the lack of time is what you will notice.

  • Wearing multiple hats and having everything on your to-do list is no longer viable.
  • You don’t have the capacity to give every client your undivided attention.
  • You need to continually network, market your business and find new opportunities as your costs grow, but how can you do this and deliver to your existing client base too?

It is this type of challenge that we relish solving here at Blake Consultants. We see our role as three-fold for owners who want to grow their service-based businesses:


We simplify your business by helping you to understand your ideal customer journey, create clear and consistent processes, bringing your contact data into one place, and making it easier for you to use this data to build relationships.

The clearer you are on who your ideal client is and how you want them to experience working with you, the faster it will be for you to find them. In addition, your message will be clearer, resonating more with your target audience and convincing them that they need to do business with you. Often, the chaos of messy records or working from spreadsheets that aren’t fit for purpose just creates confusion and means things take longer or need repeating. Having a system to take the strain of this is essential for successful business growth.


We help you build something sustainable by identifying which systems will help you save on costs while increasing sales, helping you consistently deliver to a high standard, remove stress and overwhelm by helping you run your business efficiently, and give you the gift of time.

The key here is consistency. By understanding what actions we repeat, either daily, weekly or monthly, we can work out what our systems can handle for us. That means we create consistency and stop having to reinvent the wheel, or repeat ourselves, thus saving time.

When we simplify the basics, we free up our clients’ time so they can spend it on actions and activities that will grow the business, such as business development and relationship building or nurturing.


We ensure you are ready and able to scale your business by helping you choose the systems that can take the weight of your everyday tasks, saving you from having to keep all the balls in the air all of the time, creating processes which help give an amazing customer experience and increase customer retention, and ensuring you never miss a lead or sales opportunity.

Scaling a business is different to simply growing it. To scale, you need to have the right foundations to enable you to do more delivery. Having a scalable business is about being ready for greater throughput, more clients and being busier. The right systems and processes are critical to becoming a scalable business.


Ultimately, here at Blake Consultants, we help people grow without compromising on quality. As a service business, we understand that you want to continue providing your clients with the personal touch even when you can no longer be involved with every contract or transaction.

The right systems and processes are like having a clone of your best self: they improve consistency and rigour and enable you to focus on the things you need to.


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