Data Breaches are commonplace and the loss of personal details are a real cost

Data Breach

When data breaches are commonplace and the loss of personal details is a real cost if used erroneously, knowing that you’ve spent time reinforcing your data protection processes and privacy policies is critical. There’s also an important client satisfaction element in being able to advertise that you are aware of the data safeguarding need. We […]

Willow and Puddifoot – Client Success Story

As a business expands, the transition from individual responsibility to teamwork often results in the lack of a structured system. In such instances, a comprehensive Contact Relationship Management (CRM) system like Capsule proves invaluable. Capsule is well-placed to facilitate a smooth and transparent way of working. This functionality is particularly beneficial for small, closely-knit teams, […]

Darren Ricketts – Client Success Story

When it comes to CRMs, it’s important that you choose one that is a good fit for your business. Capsule has many advantages, not least that it can grow as your business does but one thing many people say is that it is intuitive to use. When we worked with Darren Ricketts from Engage Accountancy, […]

Mari Milsom – Client Success Story

By far the best approach to using a CRM system is to implement it at an early stage in your business growth journey. Often, we let our data become unwieldy or our leads get lost before we realise we need a process to capture everything. Capsule is excellent at providing a safe pair of hands […]

Carolyne Wahlen – Client Success Story Revisited

The Original Challenge We first worked with Carolyne Wahlen at GapHR in 2015 to help her move away from her existing PC-based CRM system and implement Capsule in a way that was designed specifically to support what she needed to achieve. We streamlined her processes, built them into the CRM to automate them and in doing so, […]

Emma Ewing Client Success Story

If your business is growing, there are certain ways to ensure you can deliver a consistently good service to your clients and having reliable, repeatable systems and processes is one of them. Looking back, Emma Ewing was at an early stage in her growth but she’s convinced she’d never have achieved what she has without […]

Bigger Brighter Bolder Client Success Story

Whatever stage you are at in your business growth, effective and efficient processes can be the difference that makes the difference. Our latest client success story looks at the work we did with Tracey Miller, Managing Director of Bigger Brighter Bolder, a business growth club specialising in helping service-based businesses launch, build and scale. Our […]

Emma Rundle – Client Success Story Revisited

The Original Challenge We first worked with Emma Rundle, a content writer who runs Melting Pot Creations, just as her business started to grow. She needed better pipeline visibility and the peace of mind that she wouldn’t lose track of opportunities or deliverables. Our bespoke Capsule solution replaced an off-the-shelf CRM she’d been using but added huge […]

Kate Cooper – Client Success Story Revisited

The Original Challenge We designed and implemented a bespoke, multi-user Capsule CRM solution for Kate and her business, Absolute Architecture, in July 2021. She had experienced rapid growth and needed a robust system to help her capture leads, get good pipeline visibility, and enable her team of eight to access consistent information.  Kate’s Update Kate has really seen the benefit […]

Louise Worsley – Client Success Story

Whatever stage you are at in your business growth, a CRM can and will make a difference.  Our latest case study looks at Louise Worsley’s business – Worsley Training – and how our bespoke Capsule solution helped her formalise her business processes.  The Challenge Having taught first aid for 6 years as a freelancer, Louise created Worsley Training around 10 years ago, initially to teach […]