3 ways strong customer relationships help business growth

Strong customer relationships are the cornerstone of running a business. Whether that’s creating the opportunity for growth or simply reinforcing an excellent reputation (and therefore keeping your existing customers) this is a non-negotiable focus for all business owners. Nurturing your customer relationships reaches far and wide into your business systems and processes, including how and […]

Our Client wanted to understand what role they should be playing in Data Protection

The topic of data protection is overwhelming, seemingly mired in bureaucracy and something that is for big business only. However, as we are increasingly reliant on data to run our businesses, even small enterprises should consider understanding data protection and make sure they have the basics in place. The Challenge Our client runs a small […]

How to overcome a lack of time by using a CRM in your growing business

Time – or rather the lack of it – is a universal problem for small business owners. There are many time management hacks, and no doubt you’ve tried them all. Some work for some of the time but the real solution lies in the way you run your business. Setting up fundamental processes to ensure […]

Data Breaches are commonplace and the loss of personal details are a real cost

Data Breach

When data breaches are commonplace and the loss of personal details is a real cost if used erroneously, knowing that you’ve spent time reinforcing your data protection processes and privacy policies is critical. There’s also an important client satisfaction element in being able to advertise that you are aware of the data safeguarding need. We […]

Simplifying, Sustaining, and Scaling Your Service Business

Running a service-based business comes with its unique challenges, especially as it grows. At Blake Consultants, we specialise in simplifying, sustaining and scaling businesses like yours by implementing the right systems and processes. Every business reaches a point where time becomes a limiting factor. As you get busier, giving each client undivided attention becomes unrealistic. […]

Is your business built for success?

Is your business built for success? In the world of business, every twist and turn is an opportunity waiting to be seized. Success lies in being able to hone our spheres of control and turn them into powerhouses of positivity. In any part of life, and business is no different, we have things that we […]

Using a CRM as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Selling to existing clients is cheaper, easier and quicker to do, so why wouldn’t you do this? Finding new clients is of course still a must do but making the most of who/what you have is a priority at this time. A CRM (Contact Relationship Management) that nurtures such clients through your sales process and […]