The 4 Basic Systems Your Serivce Based Business Needs to Grow

Systems and processes are often overcomplicated.  Here at Blake Consultants we believe in keeping things as simple as possible.

We’ve seen, in our 13 years of helping business owners, that there are four basic systems that service based businesses greatly benefit from having if they are truly want to grow.

These 4 systems (on top of Google/Microsoft) when implemented properly, and integrated with each other, will make your life so much easier, freeing up time to spend on client work, or taking time off:

1. An Accounts Package

Managing finances effectively is vital for the success and growth of a business. This is where an accounts package comes in – it’s crucial in ensuring your finances are properly managed and organised.  It does this by simplifing the process of recording and tracking expenses, income, and invoices, allowing service based business owners to focus more on their core services.

An accounts package also helps to establish a professional image by generating professional-looking invoices and managing client payments securely.  On top of that it also facilitates trackable and auditable transactions, which are essential for maintaining transparency and trust with clients. Ultimately, integrating an accounts package empowers businesses to optimize financial management, enhance productivity, and ensure long-term success.

We favour Xero.  Prices start at £14 per month (ex vat).

2. A CRM

A CRM system is an essential tool for service based businesses where building and maintaining raltionships with clients is key.

CRM’s used to be beasts of a sytem which only large organisations had. But things have changed massively since those days and CRMs, or Contact Relationship Management systems – as I like to call them – are accessable to all – in price and usability.

CRMs, in my opinion, fall largely into 2 camps.

1. All singing, all dancing, sending out emails left right and centre. In my experieince these systems deserve a hefty investment to set them up properly, and a sizable inviestment every month to use them; sadly users often use realtively little of the whole system and so the whole system is under utilitised.

2. A system which is more of an additional team member, it may have automations but they are simpler, add more value, are more manageble. These CRMs are an indispensable tool for business owners, especially those who are service based, this is because as service based business owners our success is deeply intertwined with our clients’ satisfaction and loyalty.

All CRMs allow us to centralise and efficiently manage all client interactions, ensuring that no valuable conversations or opportunities slip through the cracks. We can track and organise client data, including preferences, history, and previous comms, providing us with a complete profile that helps personalise our services and foster meaningful relationships.

Don’t underetimate the value a good CRM gives – not only does it streamlines communication, prompts responses to enquiries and follow ups, a good one enables us to manage our pipeline and keep on top of our client work – choose one where these are included.

Plus a CRM’s reporting capabilities provide valuable insights into business performance and enable data-driven decision-making.

Ultimately, a CRM is an essential tool that empowers us business owners to deliver exceptional experiences, build long-term relationships, and drive sustained success! What’s not to like!

Why do I, and my clients, like Capsule so much?We love Capsule.  Prices also start at £14 per month per user (ex vat) there’s no tie in.

3. An efficient email delivery system

An efficient email delivery system is key for automating personalised communication with prospects, potential clients, clients, previous clients, partners and associates.

By ensuring your message reaches the right people at the right time you stay front and centre and when the person who you can help realises that they have an issue that you can solve – they will think of you!

And, if someone doesn’t want to hear from you anymore they can unsubscribe easily.

If you’re not sure who you can email then check out this blog: Who Can You Email? | Blake Consultants

We favour Transpond.  Prices start at £7 (ex vat) if you want automation.

4. A booking system

A booking system tailored specifically to your business is a game changer!  It gives your potential clients, partners, suppliers and clients an easy way to book mutually convenient meeting times.

Having different links for different types of meeting takes things to another level.

We favour Microsoft Bookings, part of the Microsoft 365 suite.

In Summary

By successfully implementing these four fundamental systems, service based business owners lay incredibly strong foundations for growth and success.

If you’d like explore how any of these systems could help you, or if you already have one or more and would like help to make the most out of them, or to integrate them, please get in touch with us on 01635 592020, email or book a Discovery call to have a chat.