Why NOW is the perfect time to get ready for Spring growth!

Why NOW is the perfect time to prune your data and train your pipeline, ready for Spring growth!

If you’ve experienced any degree of business growth recently, you’ll know that more clients and higher turnover also bring more admin and greater effort needed to keep track of what you are delivering.

This, of course, is where your systems need to be robust enough to support you and catch any dropped balls. You are probably already looking into CRMs, and which one is best for you.  So, here’s why we think Capsule is simply the best, especially when you couple it with our expertise of creating a bespoke version which fits your business like a glove.

Here comes the growing season

We’re all ready for Spring now, we’ve had the Equinox so it is now officially Spring, colour is starting to come back into our gardens and soon the clocks will change!  I’m very focused on new beginnings this year as we’ve been in our new house for just over a year so I’m excited to see the garden come to life again. Moving house and making big changes was scary but in all walks of life, change is something we often fear but it is rare that we don’t benefit from it in the long run.

Spring brings evidence of the sheer force of nature. Suddenly the tiniest bit of warmth in the watery sunshine sends the garden mad. Shoots and leaves are everywhere; bulbs bring welcome splashes of colour. It’s energy in action.

As a business owner, you may love growth, but it can often feel fast paced and sometimes takes us by surprise. Growing pains are a regular feature of entrepreneurialism but the worst of them can be avoided with a bit of careful planning. Think of it as careful pruning or tying in shrubs to support the growth and keep it controlled. It’s never too soon to start this planning.

You choose: chaos or control?

The simple truth is, if you don’t take action before the real growth kicks in, you’ll be left firefighting and that’s just hard work. One of the biggest risks during a period of strong growth is being able to maintain your standards of delivery and keep your clients feeling loved and cared for. A good CRM, such as Capsule is the holy grail when it comes to setting your business up for future success, and liberating you to enjoy and maximise the growth.

The two most important things to remember when it comes to investing in a CRM are:

  • You are buying time. A CRM holds your processes clearly and accessibly so that you don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel. Absolutely essential when you have more clients and more to deliver
  • You can show us as your best version every day. Because you capture the most efficient way of working within your CRM, you are prompted to take this approach every time you onboard a client, deliver a service, or even chase a prospect.

With Capsule, you’re also getting a lot of return on your investment. Firstly, it’s great value for money. Prices start at £12 +VAT per user per month and, as we’ve already said, it can grow with you, allowing for multiple users, integrations and increased functionality as you need it.

It’s intuitive – easy to learn and easy to use. Especially so, because we can build it bespoke to your business and even use the terms you use so that you and your team recognise your own business language.  Several new featureas have been introduced recently so if you already have Capsule contact me and I can share what they are and how your business could benefit from them.

Capsule doesn’t just manage clients: you can also track and nurture prospects, previous clients, suppliers, partners, networking contacts and more. This is all about contact relationship management, not just customer relationship management.

The final word

So, will you set your business up for growth this Spring? Or will you fight through the undergrowth, navigating the brambles and nettles so keep control as best you can? We’ve already given you plenty of reasons to get planning so why not book an initial call with us and we can take you through the next steps.  Book a Discovery call, call us on 01635 592020 or email us at Hello@blakeconsultants.co.uk


Who Am I?

I have been working with CapsuleCRM for over a decade and helped many clients increase revenue, reduce costs, make the most of their contacts, manage their pipeline and deliver great customer service. Capsule is an excellent way to capture your leads and clients once you’ve identified them using your avatar.

I can design and install the perfect bespoke version of Capsule to meet your needs. Capsule really is a great solution for coaches, consultants and business owners and when it is integrated with Transpond, or Mailchimp, and Xero you have really solid foundations in place to grow your business.

I’m always happy to have a chat – you can contact me at julia.blake@blakeconsultants.co.uk and sign up to receive my Growth Hack Bulletin too.

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