Willow and Puddifoot – Client Success Story

As a business expands, the transition from individual responsibility to teamwork often results in the lack of a structured system.

In such instances, a comprehensive Contact Relationship Management (CRM) system like Capsule proves invaluable.

Capsule is well-placed to facilitate a smooth and transparent way of working. This functionality is particularly beneficial for small, closely-knit teams, fostering effective communication and knowledge sharing among team members.

This has certainly been the case in the work we did for Willow & Puddifoot.

The Challenge

Founded in 2019, Willow & Puddifoot offers help to businesses in periods of rapid growth, in the form of answers to their “people problems.” This includes management training, wellbeing workshops, coaching, and more. They aim to embed the learning in various ways, aligning it with the company’s values and culture, and spend a significant amount of time with each client to ensure a fully bespoke training service.

The business has expanded over the years to include additional team members, who each have a speciality and manage a corresponding client base. The personalisation of the service, with strong attention to the requirements, goals and challenges of each client, is a unique approach which sets Willow & Puddifoot apart from other training providers.

As Willow & Puddifoot has experienced a substantial increase in clients and connections with the strength of their offer, they acknowledge the need for a more sophisticated approach to prospect and connection management.

Collaborating with the team, we were able to facilitate an exploration of the possibilities that CapsuleCRM could offer to streamline and improve their business operations.

The Approach

Through a series of discussions, Julia provided valuable insights and best practices for leveraging Capsule to enhance the processes of the business. She was able to use her knowledge and experience to advise the team on the best package for them and their needs.

It was important to Willow & Puddifoot that all members of this supportive team could share their contacts, progress and insights transparently and centrally. The team members therefore had the opportunity to contribute to setting up the system, to ensure that it worked for them in the most effective way. For example, MailChimp integration was implemented, allowing for simpler and more efficient GDPR compliance, among other benefits.

Julia’s work to set up the system also helped to identify differences within the team about their approaches to project timelines, and ensured that they could all use the system to its fullest potential.

Engage Accountancy’s Story

Willow & Puddifoot pride themselves on providing a tailored service to their clients, so an effective Contact Relationship Management system had become a necessity in ensuring that every client interaction could be recorded and acted upon.

“We’re a small team, but we’re incredibly supportive, so transparency is really important to us. Having somewhere to log and record client information helps to make sure everyone is aware of all the projects we’re working on.”

A remote weekly meeting, and monthly meet-up in person, to discuss and share information across the team was no longer enough to ensure the smooth running of the business. 

When exploring the capabilities of a CRM system and how it could work for Willow & Puddifoot, Julia asked the team a number of thought-provoking questions. “She wanted to know all about the business, all about what we were trying to achieve – and it was good to ask ourselves these questions. Then once she built the system, we had the chance to make changes and really make it work for us.”

The Capsule system has been in place at Willow & Puddifoot since February, and the advantages are evident.

  • Saved around 15-hours per week in admin tasks, or the cost of one part time admin assistant 
  • Greater transparency between the team with regard to contacts and ongoing projects
  • A clear overview of business operations tasks
  • Improved marketing capabilities due to the integration with MailChimp
  • Simple and effective GDPR compliance
  • Automation to improve productivity and communication 

“I want to make it clear how valuable Julia has been,” says Wendy Stickland, Business Operations Manager. “She was so accommodating and flexible throughout the process, and it’s great to know we have her at the end of an email if we ever have issues or questions. Julia’s very knowledgeable and knows Capsule like the back of her hand, which took the pain out of the initial set-up. 

Julia is responsive and receptive to our feedback, and has helped us to build a CRM which makes sense for us.”

Julia’s Solution

“For a business like Willow & Puddifoot, where exceptional communication underpins everything they do, a detailed, bespoke CRM system is essential. I was delighted to work with them to build Capsule to their specifications, guiding them towards the correct package for their needs and providing the amendments and training they requested to make sure it fits the company perfectly.

There’s no need to feel that you have to shoehorn your business into a CRM – Capsule can absolutely be built around you, which our work with Willow & Puddifoot has shown, to suit different styles of working and a variety of approaches.”

Julia certainly knows her stuff! She was able to build a system which reflects our business, allowing for more proactive communication, which is huge for us. She helped us to understand and harness the possibilities Capsule presented to streamline our business operations in line with our dedication to teamwork and transparency.

Wendy Stickland, Willow & Puddifoot

 Having a clear system is vital for effective communication and ensuring no potential contact falls through the cracks. The brilliant team at Willow & Puddifoot were looking for a way to share their opportunities and projects with each other and Capsule is ideal for this purpose. I enjoy working with businesses like Willow & Puddifoot, who are so open and genuine in the work they do with clients, and build a CRM for them which is truly suited to their requirements. 

Julia Blake

How could Blake Consultants help you?

 If you run a small to medium sized business and would like future growth and success, here’s how Blake Consultants can help:

1. Experiencing overwhelm? We will reduce your workload and increase your revenue by making you more efficient;

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3. Reached a growth milestone? Our CRM solution will enable you to recruit and maintain consistency of approach;

4. Struggling to convert opportunities? We will help you find the time to nurture your business and segment your activities and messaging;

5. Forward thinker? As a very early start-up who recognises you need a business structure to grow in to, we should be your first stop.

If you’re a coach, consultant or other service-focused business owner, ambitious for growth, contact Julia for an initial free consultation.


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